5 Ways To Learn to Love Reading

~ And Ace the 30-Minute-A-Day Reading Challenge ~

Have you decided you’re up for the challenge? You may be looking forward to increasing your vocabulary, improving your critical thinking skills, and developing a source of relaxation. But if you aren’t already a regular reader, you may not know where to start.

It’s important that the reading challenge doesn’t feel like a chore. Done correctly, reading is something you should enjoy.

Here are five ways to ace the 30-Minute-A-Day Reading Challenge and more importantly,  learn to love reading.

(1) SCHEDULE IT, just as you would any other activity. By planning your schedule around your reading, you guarantee you will have time. Some people read right before bed. Others start their morning with quiet reading or read on their lunch breaks. Some people even read on the bus or train to make the most of their commute.

(2) CARRY A BOOK WITH YOU. You may find unexpected time to read, such as the waiting room at the doctor.

(3) PICK SOMETHING YOU’LL LIKE. If you don’t like romance novels, try non-fiction. If you’re not into action and adventure, try something in a historical setting. All that matters is that if you don’t enjoy the book you a reading, pick something else.

(4) PICK A GOOD SPOT. If you can, find a cozy, quiet spot to read with good lighting. The fewer distractions, the easier it will be to get caught up in the story.  (If you’re only free time is during your commute, a good story can provide an escape from the crowded setting and make the time pass faster.)

(5) CONNECT WITH WHAT YOU READ. Talk about the story with someone else. Make notes of phrases or ideas that you like. A good book should make you curious to learn more, and excited to share with others.

By making reading part of your daily routine, it will become enjoyable. You may even find yourself wanting to read longer than 30 minutes!

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