Seeds Successes

These are just a few stories from our graduates! Click on a name below to read each one. For more success stories, check out the profiles on our blog.

  • Margo Hudson

    Award-Winning Graduate and Adult Literacy Advocate
  • Paul Mlady

    "If every education program was run the same way as Seeds, there'd be no dropout rate in this country."
  • Ashley Wilson

    Homeless to HSE Grad: Meet College-bound Ashley
  • Teron Collins

    "Have people around you who can keep you going. If you don’t have that, Seeds will be that support for you"
  • Schanel

    Michigan Native First Out-of-State Graduate from Virtual Classroom
  • David Miller

    "I didn't want to make a career out of earning my GED, so I made it my job."
  • Martina Dix

    "I wanted to go further than where I was."
  • Kasey Davis

    "I didn’t have the easiest life, but I’m using that as my motivation."
  • Taiesha Collins

    "It doesn't matter WHERE you study with Seeds, it's the PEOPLE AT SEEDS that make the difference."
  • Megan Gregg

    “Seeds is helpful and patient and I could go at my own pace.”
  • James McKelton

    "I came for a GED. Seeds gave me back my self respect."