Why Enroll : It starts here!

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place. If you just decided it’s time to finish your GED/HiSET, congratulations!

Seeds offers FREE high school equivalency and basic education for adults. (That means our students are all 18-years-old or older. Some are even in their 80s!) 

If you’ve tried other GED programs, you’ll discover that Seeds of Literacy is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than any other program. (Click Here to See for Yourself)

Seeds provides the tutor, study materials, and even pays for your official GED Practice tests. Our tutors are all volunteers, so they WANT to help you. They choose to be there to help you succeed. The staff is pretty great, too! It’s hard to lose motivation when they’re cheering you on. 

We have two locations in Cleveland (both along major bus lines) and a Virtual Classroom online using Zoom. (Click here to view a map and watch a video tour of each location.)

Hear are the details.

Seeds of Literacy is FREE. One-to-one tutoring in person or on Zoom, as often as 3 times a day, 4 days a week. We provide the tutors, ALL of the study materials, and even pay for the official practice tests — no charge to you. Additionally, we have many resources on our website.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: you can work with our tutors as often as your schedule allows, no appointment needed. Tutors are available Monday through Thursday, morning (9am-11am ET), afternoon (1pm-3pm ET), and evening (6pm-8pm ET). Life gets in the way of even the most dedicated students so we’re flexible!

YOUR SPEED, YOUR SKILL LEVEL: after orientation, we give you a quick assessment to determine what you already know. Then we match you with the study materials that will advance your knowledge.

ONGOING: because you’re learning at your own speed, and each student has a different amount of time to dedicate to studying, there is no end date. If you set a goal, tell the tutors and staff the date of your goal and together, you’ll all work to get you there. You can work with our tutors as long as you like, whether that’s a few weeks or six months (or six years, no judgement!) 

WEEKLY START DATES! We welcome new students at orientation each week, so if you decide you want to start the Seeds program, you only have to wait until Monday.

Enrolling with Seeds is easy.

1) REGISTER: www.seedsofliteracy.org/student. This puts you on the email invitation list. The invitations are sent on Sundays so check your email (including spam and junk folders if you don’t see it.) (Yes, we do ask for SS# because it is what keeps Seeds free for students. Our funders require that kind of data — this is typical of any nonprofit service organization.)

2) ATTEND AN ORIENTATION: Pick the WEEK and TIME that works for you to attend orientation. Just show up whenever orientation is held.

  • Tuesdays @ 1pm at Seeds West
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month @5pm at Seeds West
  • Wednesdays @ 1pm at Seeds East
  • Mondays at 11am @ 6pm Seeds Virtual Classroom