Why do you need my social security number?

Why does Seeds of Literacy need my social security number for registration? It’s a good question, and one we hear a lot. But if you’ve ever signed up for a driver’s license, applied for government assistance, or required a marriage certificate, being asked for your social security numbers should come as no surprise. 

United States schools, as well as social services agencies, typically require a social security number (SSN) for various administrative and identification purposes. Seeds of Literacy is no different. 

Identification and Record-Keeping:

Social service agencies like Seeds use it to maintain accurate records and differentiate between students with similar names. (We’ve had more than one Carlos R**m, numerous Crystal W*****s, and multiple Jackie J*******.)  A social is often the only way to correctly associate data with the right individual. Some students get married or divorced, and although their name changes, their social remains the same and helps us match their records. 

Grant Eligibility and Reporting:

Seeds depends heavily on grant money to keep the program free for students. Some grants require proof of enrollment of actual students, as well as other key demographic information on participants. It shows the grantors that Seeds of Literacy students are worth the investment. 

Program Administration and Tracking:

The Seeds program requires a great deal of administrative work, including application processing, orientation attendance,  and ongoing tracking of student achievements and testing. This data helps us continuously improve our program. The SSN is used as a unique identifier to manage and track individuals efficiently. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Many students rely on federal financial aid programs or scholarships to fund their advanced education. If you want to attend college or a trade school after earning your GED, Seeds of Literacy will help you get started. The SSN is necessary to verify a student’s eligibility and process financial aid applications. It helps institutions determine whether a student meets the requirements for various aid programs and enables the disbursement of funds.

Tax Reporting:

Educational institutions report funding from individuals, corporations, and grants, as well as their educational expenses to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax purposes. 

Despite all of these reasons, Seeds of Literacy may offer alternatives to providing a social at the time of Registration. Call us with questions. 216.661.7950.

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