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One Week Isn’t Enough to Say Thank You

Each year, staff members are tasked with highlighting a tutor for National Appreciation Week. And each year, they refuse, insisting that ALL of our tutors are important, and it’s impossible to pick just one. They’re right. So here are four volunteers to represent ALL of our treasured tutors. Each time
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Advertising History’s Unexpected Link to National Poetry Month

The month of April is National Poetry Month, 30 days of celebrating a broad range of prose that evokes emotion in readers.  From tragic ballads like Poe’s Annabel Lee and Shakespear’s powerful sonnets, to the epic masterpieces like Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey, and the short-form Haiku, poetry offers
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A GED Grad Who Changed History

Entrepreneur Bette Nesmith Graham, a GED Grad and Secretary-Turned-Inventor In 1951, Bette Nesmith Graham, a GED graduate, faced a challenge at work. While she excelled as a secretary, her typing skills fell short, especially with the advent of electric typewriters. Fearing job loss, she sought a solution to correct errors
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4 Reasons Tutors Should Use Mindful Pauses

One of the best things a tutor can do for a student is allow them a quiet moment to mull over lessons and figure out problems. It’s not always easy to do: as social creatures, silences can feel uncomfortable and we have a compulsion to say something to fill them
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Black History Month : A New Series of Stories

2024 is here, and February brings with it Black History Month, a time to for us to highlight to African Americans who had outsized or underappreciated contributions to our great nation. This month, Seeds of Literacy will release a new video each week to talk about a different story.  We’ve
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[VIDEOS] Seeds of Literacy 2nd Trivia Night a Success

Following the success of the 2021 Trivia Time, held virtually due to the pandemic, Seeds brought trivia game night back to Cleveland at the Market Garden Brewery on November 16, 2023. Held downstairs in the Ohio City Room, the event hosted more than 70 guests, some playing solo and others
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Discover 7 Advantages of Becoming a GED Tutor at Seeds

  Recently, Seeds of Literacy had to do something it should never have to do – turn students away. We promise a one-to-one learning experience, but sometimes we have as many as 30 students for only 5 tutors during any given class. (This is especially true for our Virtual Classroom.)
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Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb poses with a Seeds of Literacy student

Visit from Cleveland Mayor inspires adult learners

In July, members of the Seeds Leadership Team hosted Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb and his Chief Education Officer Holly Trifiro at Seeds West. The Mayor graciously greeted all of the staff, pausing to learn names and roles. He heard about the mission and history of Seeds from Bonnie Entler, and
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Tutor Tips from Dr. Carmine Stewart

Tutor Tips: How to avoid unclear exercises

**This tip originally appeared in the August 2023 issue of Tutor News from Dr. Carmine Stewart, VP Programming** MASTERY VS. COMPLETION Many students have been conditioned to focus on completing exercises because completion is one measure of success that many schools use. Think back to your school days…completing bell work, completing
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