Another Student Graduates from Virtual Classroom GED® Program

TAIESHA COLLINS grew up in a rough neighborhood. She did well in high school, but only when she paid attention. “I’d clown and pay more attention to my friends in a class setting,” she admitted.

Like so many students, she didn’t finish school because she needed to work to support herself. For years, she was a bartender. Sometimes the tips were there, sometimes they weren’t.

Now, the 24-year-old has a toddler at home. “Kids are EXPENSIVE,” she laughed. “I love her, but I have to get a better job to support her the right way.” Finding a better job meant having her high school diploma, or an equivalent like the GED.

Referred by a 2017 Seeds grad, Taeisha joined the Virtual Classroom in July and got started working with Tutor Bill and Site Coordinator Kara right away.

After seeing high practice test scores in Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts (Reading), the team at Seeds focused on math with her. In just two months, she had completed all 4 sections of the GED and couldn’t be happier.

She is the second student to graduate from the “Class of COVID” — students who experienced Seeds entirely online: enrolling AFTER the pandemic closed the physical classroom, and graduating BEFORE classrooms reopened.

As a Virtual Student, her experience was much different than that of her friend who graduated previously.

“But it really doesn’t matter WHERE you study with Seeds. It’s the PEOPLE at Seeds that make the difference. There are so many great tutors, and it’s really the staff that motivates you to stay on your feet and keep going,” she said.

“That Kara — When I passed math, with a score higher than any of my passing practice tests, we screamed and squealed and did all kinds of dancing over the phone.” The pair were delighted to meet in person (socially distanced) when Taeisha came in to hang her star on the wall.

College-bound, Taiesha is still deciding on a career path, but she’s certain about one thing: “If you need to finish school, do it. Be motivated and really WANT it. You can work at your own pace at Seeds. The individual attention is what made the difference for me.”