Registration for the Virtual Classroom

Registration. Orientation. Enrollment.

At Seeds, those words essentially mean the same thing – to get you into the FREE tutoring program and on the path to earning your high school equivalency (GED®or HiSET®).  Learn how to get started with us below. 

Registration is the form you complete prior to attending virtual Orientation. Once you’ve completed the form, attended Orientation, and completed the assignments given during Orientation, you are Enrolled.

If you have any questions:
Call: 216.661.7950

I want to register for in-person tutoring instead.

5 Steps to Getting Started


Complete our Registration Form. 

By completing the Registration Form, you’re added to our email list for an Orientation invite.

The Registration Form must be completed a minimum of 24 hours before the Orientation date.

  • If you complete the form Thursday, you’ll receive the email invitation Sunday morning for orientation the next day.
  • If you complete the form any time on Sunday, you WON’T receive an invitation until the FOLLOWING Sunday.

NOTE: You will NOT receive a response immediately after completing the Registration Form. You WILL receive an email invitation the following Sunday.



Attend an Orientation. We offer them every week (except holidays)


11am OR 6pm EST (choose the one that works best for you)

Pick the time that works best for you and then join the video conference from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

(Please note, these Orientation times are new as of July 2021)



Join the Orientation at the time you selected. The link to join will be in the email sent to you Monday.

(Remember: if you didn’t Register until Sunday morning, you won’t receive an invite until the FOLLOWING Sunday. If you do not have an email one hour before Orientation, please check your Junk, Spam, or Promotional Folders and do a search for “Seeds of Literacy.” If you can’t find the link, call us at 216-551-7950.)

During the videoconference, we will tell you and other potential students about Seeds of Literacy. We’ll cover what makes Seeds unique, as well as how we have had to adapt our program during the pandemic. Then we’ll tell you how to access our Virtual Classroom for tutoring by phone or video.



There are two simple pre-tests you will take to help us determine what coursework to give you.

  1. Fluency: During orientation, you will be asked to take a super simple reading test. You will be asked to read out loud for 60 seconds to a tutor. That’s all Seeds needs to determine your reading level.
  2.  Math: If you have not already passed the Math GED test, a staff member will email you a 35-question math test to determine your math level.



You will talk with us about how to start FREE tutoring.

Once you’ve completed these 5 steps, you are now a Virtual Classroom student at Seeds of Literacy! You can participate in as many tutoring sessions as you’d like, Monday through Thursday, or practice on your own by watching one of our recorded lessons

WHEN is Orientation?

We have virtual Orientation for new students EVERY WEEK except holidays (open enrollment.)

You must complete the Registration Form before you can attend Orientation.


 11am OR 6pm EST (choose the one that works best for you)

(Please note, these Orientation times are new as of July 2021)

HOW LONG does Orientation take?

Virtual Orientation is only one hour long because it does NOT included the Test of Basic Adult Education (TABE).

You will learn about the TABE during Orientation and then you will have to take it online prior to your first Virtual Tutoring session.

WHAT happens at Orientation?

You will:

  • learn about Seeds of Literacy
  • learn what makes our program different
  • learn how to get started with a tutor using telephone or video
  • take a brief fluency assessment (5-minutes with a tutor)

Orientation is the only time that Seeds operates like a traditional classroom, with a teacher in the front, talking to everyone at the same time.

WHEN can I start classes/ working with Tutors?

Unless you have already passed the Math portion of the GED, you will also have to take a 35-question test before you can begin with tutoring. A staff member will email it to you after registration / enrollment /orientation. Once that is completed, you’ll get your first packet of work on Friday and can begin with a Tutor as soon as the following Monday!

 When you call or log into the Virtual Classroom, be sure to tell the site coordinators that you are new and it is your first day.



WHAT IF I already have a high school or GED® diploma?

You can still sign up with Seeds of Literacy if you already have a diploma. Maybe you need to work on your math skills for a job, or want to read better to help your grandkids. We can help you!