A Breath of Hope in Adult Literacy

Take a deep breath as you balance the shopping bags in your hands with the eternal “to-do” list in your head.

We have the perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for folks on your list.

And we promise that you’ll feel as good giving it as the person receiving it.

Supply educational oxygen. Sponsor a Seeds of Literacy student in honor of those people in your life who recognize potential where others see failure, think everyone deserves a second chance, and believe that education leads to a better life.

Most of us take the gift of adult literacy for granted. We order what we want from a menu, take the right amount of cold medicine, make it to the school’s holiday concert on time, and read “The Night Before Christmas” to our grandchildren. Our literacy skills are as much a part of our lives as breathing in and breathing out.

But for Seeds of Literacy students, having low literacy skills can be like always trying to catch your breath.

As you struggle to help your 6th grader with math homework.

As you stumble over the words in your doctor’s instructions.

As you blink back tears while trying to fill out an online job application.

At Seeds of Literacy, students can catch their breath. Our one-to-one style supplies the educational oxygen that students need to learn successfully and increase literacy skills. Raise their grade levels. Use math at the grocery store. Have enough confidence to write down the questions to ask their doctor. Pass the GED® test, and go onto bigger and better things.

Supply educational oxygen. Donate to Seeds in honor of a friend or family member who is one of the believers, the optimists, the hopeful.

You’ll recognize courage. Your gift will honor Tanesha, a 35-year-old mother of three who finally conquered fractions this month.

You’ll support dedication. Your gift will encourage Eric, who attends Seeds before and after work, and who passed his GED math test last week.

You’ll reward tenacity. Your gift will celebrate Margo, who spent 11 years at Seeds and took the GED test six times before passing.

Take a deep breath. Then donate so our students may do the same.

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