Celebrating International Left-Handers Day

Thinking about earning your high school equivalency?

Writing in 3-ring binders, having permanent ink smudged all over your paper, and using scissors all add up to bad childhood memories for left-handed adults.

If you are a lefty who hated school because you couldn’t comfortably work at those awkward right-sided desks, we have good news. Seeds doesn’t have traditional desks, because Seeds isn’t a traditional classroom. We have big, round tables.

Recognizing a Rarity

First celebrated in 1976, International Left Handers Day (August 13) is meant to highlight the uniqueness and differences of the left-handed population.

Just how rare of a trait is it? We live in a primarily right-handed world. Wikipedia states that less than 10 percent of the world’s population are lefties, and that many of those lefties exhibit some degree of ambidexterity (use of both hands.)

Famous lefties include:

  • Billionaires Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah
  • Former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, Herbert Hoover, and James A. Garfield.
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  • Historical Leaders Julias Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Authors James Baldwin, Lewis Carroll, Franz Kafka, James A. Michener, H. G. Wells
  • Comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Don Rickles, Harpo Marx, Drew Carey, Tim Allen, Trey Parker, David Letterman
  • Actors Omar Epps, Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Pryor, Robert DeNiro, Spike Lee, Goldie Hawn, Mark Wahlberg, Ray Liotta
  • Artist Leonardo DaVinci
  • Musicians Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Kurt Cobain, Isaac Hayes, Lauren Hill, Eminem, Beethovan, W. A Mozart
  • Baseball legend Babe Ruth

And slightly less famous lefties:

  • Seeds’ Staffers Kara Krawiec, Katie Kucera *2023 update Mike Spencer

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