Seeds Shares “Common Ground” with Cleveland Foundation

Seeds of Literacy was invited by the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards to join them in Common Ground, a one-day initiative by the Cleveland Foundation to bring people all over Cuyahoga County together “to communicate and connect in order to build a stronger, safer and more dynamic home.”

Since 1935, the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards have recognized contributions in literature and nonfiction that address racism and diversity — so naturally they were concerned to learn that an estimated 66% of Cleveland adults are considered functionally illiterate. Seeds of Literacy was invited to co-host their Common Ground conversation on July 30th at Toast on Cleveland’s west side, providing insight into the adult literacy crisis and the immense, positive impact improved adult literacy has for people and communities.

Seeds of Literacy staff and volunteers joined guests of the Anisfielf-Wolf Book Awards to discuss what it means to have educational equity, how to create an atmosphere of learning, and how literacy, diversity, and the workforce intersect, among other dialogues.

Thank you to the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards for the opportunity to bridge literature and literacy, and we look forward to continuing the conversation!