Free Online Resources for Adult Learners

It’s not always easy for adults to make it into the classroom. These online resources are great for adult learners to  practice their computer skills and keep up with their lessons, both in and out of the classroom.



Khan Academy is a great website that allows user to find self-guided lessons on primarily math topics. It provides a comprehensive experience by integrating lessons, questions, review work, and links to other resources. Users will need to have a login to use Khan Academy.

This is a very helpful resource for anyone learning how to type or who wants to work on their speed and accuracy. For our students starting out in our computer curriculum, this is one of the key resources we start them with to lay the typing groundwork needed for more advanced skills. breaks typing into short, easy lessons, from beginner to experienced, that anyone can take step by step. It also allows you to track your progress if you create a login.

Created by the Goodwill Community Foundation, GCFLearnFree features tons of free lessons, from beginning phonics and grammar to division and algebra. What’s particularly nice about GCFlearnFree is that it doesn’t stop with traditional subjects — it also includes lessons on Microsoft Office and “every day” skills like understanding prescriptions and nutrition labels.


Math is

Sure, its name is corny and some of the graphics are aimed towards kids, but there are a lot of lessons and interactive activities on Math is Fun useful for adult learners. They even have a helpful math dictionary that anyone can use to look up  math terms.