Virtual Classroom Tutors

Last Revised 10/02/2022 | Resources for Current Virtual Tutors

Seeds of Literacy operates on Eastern Time.

How does the Virtual Classroom work?

The Virtual Classroom was created to allow for remote tutoring using Zoom.

  1. Video Tutoring, using our Zoom. This is most similar to our on-site learning.


Students and Tutors both “enter” the Virtual Classroom.

Everyone gathers in the central Zoom room first.

The site coordinator will then pair students and tutors based on ability and send them to Zoom “breakout rooms” for one-to-one tutoring. You can share screens, use digital whiteboards, and more. You can return to the central room at any time to check in with a site coordinator, ask questions, etc.

How will I know what the student is working on?

When they are in the classroom, students work from packets provided by site coordinators.

We have digitized all of the packets and can email them to students. We can also mail hardcopies by request.


Now that Seeds is virtual, does that mean I have to tutor on holidays?

No! All of our tutors, staff, and students need a break from time to time to celebrate with their loved ones. CLICK HERE for a list of holidays when tutoring is not offered. 


Something came up and I can't tutor at my scheduled time. What do I do?

Just like for our students, life sometimes gets in the way. We understand if something comes up and you are unavailable to tutor at the time you have scheduled.

HOWEVER, we ask that you try to stick to the days and times you scheduled as much as possible. This consistency is critical to the success of our students who are already reluctant to try these new methods of tutoring. 

If you need to make a change for the FOLLOWING week, please submit your changes by the Thursday prior. training provided?

Seeds offers Zoom training for tutors who have already completed tutor training.  These sessions are to help you improve on the technical aspects of tutoring and cover the following skills:

  • Renaming yourself on the Zoom screen
  • Opening a link from the chat box
  • Sharing your screen / instructing a student how to share their screen
  • Enlarging packets in the browser
  • Annotate on Shared screen
  • Share your whiteboard
  • Exit the breakout room and return on your own

If you’d like more information, contact or

How do students access the Virtual Classroom?

Students access the Virtual Classroom by visiting