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[OP-ED] American History Shaped by History of Black Americans

~ Op-Ed by Chris Richards, Site Coordinator at Seeds of Literacy ~ In the United States, February is popularly designated as Black History Month. This yearly tradition dates back to 1970, when it was first celebrated at Ohio’s own Kent State University — and Ohioans should be incrediblY proud. Indeed,
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[VIDEO] A Historical Look at September 11

This year marks a sad but important milestone: the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. It’s been long enough now that many have forgotten why the attacks happened or the impact they had.  Many of you may have been too young to realize what was going on, and some of
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[VIDEO] Annie Oakley

1860 was a bad year in America.  The politics were divided, and by April the following year, the country would be engaged in a violent civil war.  But on August 13, in small a log cabin nestled in the Ohio frontier, a young woman was born who would capture the
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