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Education in Kabul: Angels Are Made of Light Film Review

[FILM REVIEW] Now that the 43rd annual Cleveland International Film Fest has wrapped up, it’s safe to say that Angels Are Made of Light, Seeds of Literacy’s sponsored film this year, was not the happiest film in the lineup. Angels chronicles the lives of the students and teachers at a
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A Spooktacular Look at Gothic Fiction: 5 Perfect Halloween Reads

Autumn brings many pleasures: the smell of falling leaves, the delicious taste of pumpkin spice, the sound of giddy trick-or-treaters. But my favorite thing is probably the kind of book it inspires. Some people look to Stephen King for scares, but I recommend trying something a little bit different this
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Seeds Tutor Reflects On 13 Years Of Making Learning Personal

By Mark Yanochko Tutoring students at Seeds of Literacy has enriched my life, far beyond the satisfaction I receive from the work I do on Thursday mornings. Although helping students learn is the main reason I tutor, my experiences have included personal interactions that extend far beyond the lessons. When
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Why Didn’t They Finish School? It’s More than Meets the Eye

By Diane Vogel Ferri, Seeds of Literacy volunteer tutor   When I retired from teaching, I wanted to do something worthwhile, to reciprocate for my good fortune and to use my teaching skills. I spent my career teaching children with learning disabilities and wanted to work with adults—people who had
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With diverse adult students, inclusiveness is a priority for Seeds of Literacy.

Breaking Grammar: Our Values in Language

I’ve written most of the posts here since Seeds of Literacy’s blog launched over a year ago, and the whole time I’ve been waiting for someone to call me out on something, like I’ve been harboring a fugitive. Well, no more hiding. It’s time I turn in my grammar outlaw.
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Adults with undiagnosed dyslexia struggle to read

Judging a Fish: Learning with Undiagnosed Dyslexia

By Daniel Hinman, former Director of Income, United Way of Greater Cleveland “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Einstein When I was 16 years old, I was
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A student and tutor work together for free GED prep.

Adult Education, a Bipartisan Rarity

Politics are a contentious topic at any time. In this election cycle in particular, our political dialogue seems extra heated, the divide between us a little deeper. With the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland next week, there’s a heightened sense of politics in the air. From our perspective at
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The RTA bus stop outside of Seeds of Literacy's W. 25th location.

RTA Proposals Will Disadvantage Cleveland’s Low-Income Adults

One of the most basic aspects of daily life is how we get around. Classes? Job interviews? Parent-teacher conferences? For many of Seeds of Literacy’s students, public transportation is the answer to getting where they need to be. And since the vast majority of Seeds students are low income, public
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A GED student studies at Seeds of Literacy for his test

Putting a Band-Aid on the GED® Test – Policy Matters Ohio

In February, the nonprofit policy research group Policy Matters Ohio released a report on the dismal rates of Ohioans taking and passing the GED® exam since it underwent significant changes in 2014 at the hands of for-profit owner Pearson. Policy Matters Ohio called the situation a “GED collapse.” This week,
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