[VIDEO] Seeds Appears on Cleveland’s 43 Focus with Harry Boomer

In March 2019, Seeds of Literacy was featured on an entire episode of Cleveland’s 43 Focus with host and news anchor Harry Boomer. The organization was last featured on the program in 2017 to discuss the State’s adoption of the TASC and HiSET as alternatives to the GED.

Executive Director Bonnie Entler and Program Director Dr. Carmine Stewart discussed a wide range of topics this time, including the launch of the Beginning & Struggling Reader Program .


PART 1 : What’s new at Seeds since our last visit [3:10]

PART 2: How we prepared for the launch of our Beginning & Struggling Reader Program, the meaning of functional illiteracy and how some adults hide reading struggles

PART 3: How literacy opens doors, ways the Seeds Program is different, our assessment process for new students, how you can get involved

Part 4: Wrapping Up

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January 2018: Dr. Carmine Stewart and Chris Richards appear on Cleveland’s 43 Focus with Harry Boomer to highlight changes in the adult education landscape. 

November 2017: Ohio Approves Addition of HiSET and TASC to GED for High School Equivalency

February 2019: Literacy Program Extends Beyond GED Prep to Include Beginning & Struggling Readers